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You’ve come to the right place if you’re a musician, artist, or creative entrepreneur ready to make a name for yourself - on your own terms!


On this website you can find out all about personality based branding, authentic marketing strategies and the mindset behind all.

"Build your Brand - Transform your Life & Career!"

In case you were wondering:

Personality based branding is not about logos and elevator pitches, but about bringing out the best in you and your business and effectively sharing it with the world.

You can find actionable tips and strategies to get you started on your life changing branding adventure on ze blog, check out some cool resources and learn more about available services here.

The VOODOOKISS Philosophy


Here at Voodookiss Creative things are done a little differently. (Don’t expect your mama’s sister’s uncle’s branding agency.)

We build brands, but we start with you. If your brand and business doesn’t fit you (and look!) like a custom made designer suit – let’s talk!

You won't be molded into the stereotype of a successful person. Instead, I help you remember the genius you were born as, and we start from there.

You are the expert at being you. I know that, and I am here to support you!

You won't have to mindlessly repeat elevator pitches, instead we make sure you speak with clarity and from the heart so you can have real conversations and actually connect with other human beings.

I base what I do on science, make it an art, and create just about the closest thing to magic.

I won’t force you into needle stripes or pantyhose, and if you insist on a mullet – we can work with that. (But please allow me to tease you a little!)

I have opinions and share them freely, and think that fuck is an incredibly appropriate word on numerous occasions.

I am no fan of buzzwords and agency speak, and I'm on one page with Einstein: If you can’t explain it simply, you didn’t understand it well enough.

I consume too much coffee and creepy cat memes. Just kidding. There's no such thing as too much with either of those things.

The goal is to get your true message out there, and allow you to live a life you love at the same time.

I believe that music and creative expression are the most important language we have as a species. As a creator you have the power to touch people, to move mountains, to change the world. A world with lots of fully expressed artists is a world I want to live in.

I also believe that we can achieve more together.

And I love making the world a happier place, one creative, passionate artist at a time!


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You want to know EVEN MORE?! Well, alright then.

The Bit Called 'Bio' aka. 'Sophia talks about herself'

Hello, I am Sophia Lovett and I am a music lover. (That sound's like I have a bit of a music problem, doesn't it?)

I grew up in a world filled with music. Sometimes on stage, often in front of it and backstage, at folk and world music festivals, rock shows, musicals, even the St Peters Cathedral in Rome. (Where I actually sang. For the pope. As a kid, don’t judge!)

I also wanted to do things myself at a very young age and get to know the people involved in this world I loved so much. Hence I interviewed some of my favorite artists, made amazing friends, organized concerts and a small conference for people wanting to enter the music industry, all while I was getting some formal education and a university degree under my belt (in communication and psychology, writing my final thesis on the latest neuro-marketing findings. Yup, at heart I'm a nerd).

During that time I got involved in the entrepreneurship scene, started up my first company in early 2011 and traveled the world for international music conferences to learn from the best and to connect. I realized that combining an entrepreneurial spirit with art is the solution to today's music business situation. I dabbled in band management and became a music business coach before I focused on the personality based branding and marketing aspects of my work. So here I am.

I was born in Germany, refined, uh, strike that, toughened up in Australia, and I'm big in Berlin since 2004 (more than 10 years. Oh boy)! Hence I speak English, German, (and body language, if that helps) and I’m available in person in Germany and at times London and Los Angeles.

Your turn! I’d love to know who you are! Send me a message and introduce yourself.